Spotify is going back to its roots
TikTok has been very active in the music industry recently: it pumped out a streaming service in China, a VST plugin, and recently filed a trademark for a U.S. streaming service. Of course, traditional music players like Spotify are starting to sweat.

In an effort to get a piece of the pie from TikTok's success, Spotify planned to revamp its feed, with canvas videos standing at its forefront. Following these news, I talked about how by simply copying the ideas, it will never be possible to catch up to TikTok, let alone offer competition.

Spotify needed to return back to its roots — while everyone is focused on the visuals, it needed to take up the audio "niche". And Spotify is starting to think outside the box.

As Bob Moczydlowsky said in our interview for Composium, music will start being made on the fly or in very short cycles where the music itself doesn't have to last forever. Spotify, it seems, is jumping on the train to offer musical experiences that adapt to your circumstances. On September 22, it launched GetReadyWithMusic, a feature that creates a playlist based on your outfit.

By filling out a short quiz regarding your fit's "vibes" (eg: colors, textures, etc.), Spotify claims it can create the perfect GRWM playlist for you. Aaaand, you can use a photo of yourself in that outfit to put as the playlist's cover.

More and more brands and individuals alike are now thinking about not only their visual identities but sound identities too. Given that everything now is turned into an experience, Spotify has all it needs to make that leap and truly become the go-to for all things audio.
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