Side hustle for musicians
After arriving home from a rigorous school year, I had a whole summer to spend. Because my sophomore year composition course inspired me to become a composer, and because I love to earn my own money since childhood, I really wanted to find a summer composition job.
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Being 16 at the time, I couldn't work full-time, therefore my dad suggested I try Fiverr.

Fiverr, one of the fastest-growing freelance platforms, was an ideal start. Quick registration, a few questions, creation of your gig — and boom, you are a freelancer.

I was eager to start scoring for film, ads, or any other projects. To my disappointment, the platform had a very little composer pool; compared to 24327 article and blog writers, there are only 1928 composers. (This, in turn, inspired me to create Composium, but that's a story for a different time)

Although I did post a gig as an amateur content writer, hoping to hone some storytelling skills along the way, I never really published a gig as a composer. I was nervous I wouldn't receive any offers because I was new to the freelance world, but to my great surprise, a request came only a few days later.

You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw the offer came from Simply Piano, an app designed for people who want to learn how to play the instrument online by learning tunes. I'm not sure exactly how I got the request, because my gig was content writing. Maybe it was my loquacious biography, that pinpointed all of my achievements as a musician, or maybe they did their own research — I wouldn't know — but it was a music job!

My task was simple: I needed to film videos of me learning through the Simply Piano app and playing the piano simultaneously to be used in advertisements. Because the offer was very unique, I was asked to send a custom offer, and . The terms the company offered were great, considering the amount of time I needed to spend on the task, and so I got to work.

When I sent the first few videos of me playing the tunes, I was told that I am playing too professionally. Now, I needed to act as a beginner, which made the job even easier, if that was possible!

The whole process was very enjoyable, went very smoothly, and the Simply Piano team was very cordial. Overall, it was an amazing first experience!

From my perspective, if you are a musician who doesn't mind earning extra revenue without spending too much time, while also building a portfolio and career experience, Fiverr is a great option.
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