My musical coffee experience. Pilot Episode, Part Three
As part of my music experience design experiments, I launched a musical coffee in collaboration with Jel Coffee. The main idea is that people buy this drink and get an original composition from a local artist. Read part one here.

While the TikTok video I created garnered 30,000 views, it only led to 11 subscribers – that is, people that actually went to Jel and bought the musical coffee. The number remained at 11 for a week.
My next idea was to reach out to local media communities that have a sufficient amount of followers on Instagram. On May 23, I sent out a short paragraph about our collaboration to three media outlets: Sxodim, Sure.Ala, and Kuda.Almaty. The first two responded within a couple of hours, but nothing happened after that.

On May 26, Sxodim, which has over 558,000 followers, published an Instagram Reel where they visited Jel and tried out the musical coffee. At the moment, it has 1643 likes and 77,900 views.

Given that this community's conversion ratio is known to be quite low, I didn't have high expectations. Within a couple of hours, the number of subscribers that bought the drink rose by three and kept growing at about the same rate throughout the week. Right now, there are 24 subscribers. Jel's Instagram account added 93 new followers.

On May 30, Kuda.Almaty reached out suggesting a partnership, but given their prices, I refrained.

This project ends on June 5, so make sure to subscribe for the results as this pilot wraps up!
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