Is everyone becoming TikTok?
It's no secret that Meta is turning its two headliner products into TikTok. Most users aren't happy, but there's not much Zuckerberg can do given the company's Q2 results — according to Fortune, it's the first revenue decline in its company history.

While Reels (aka Insta's TikTok dupe) have been around for two years now, Dinivations' Nathan Baschez writes that it's not working as well as Stories was two years after airing. In fact, Kevin Systrom said Stories were "almost just as important" as the main feed, in comparison to Reels, which only take up a fifth of the app's user activity.
Social media platforms copying other social platforms isn't a new notion — after all, they're all fighting for user retention. But what is interesting is other companies are starting to copy TikTok too. Spotify is revamping its feed, with canvas videos standing at its forefront. Following TikTok's success, people now are more likely to continue listening to something if it's accompanied by a canvas video.

While everyone is focusing on copying TikTok's feed and regaining some of that market share, the company is already one step ahead and focused on taking up the entire entertainment sector across its different verticals.

TikTok has pumped out an array of products for artists and the music industry, and it's now aiming for a music streaming service in the U.S. As per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, ByteDance has filed a trademark application for "TikTok Music." It's important to keep in mind that ByteDance already has a music streaming platform in China called Qishui Yinyue.

By simply copying the ideas that TikTok is innovating, it will never be possible for those platforms to catch up, let alone offer competition. They need to move local. How? Only time will tell.
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