Emeryld releases BLOODLINE EP on Neon Gold Records
Photo credits: Adam Moody
Emeryld releases her new EP, Bloodline, featuring the dynamic high-powered single, "Take The Exit" accompanied by an equally hypercharged music video. She is the newest signing on Neon Gold Records, the record label that brought you Charli XCX, HAIM, MARINA, Christine and the Queens, etc. Emeryld previously released three songs from the Bloodline EP, "Bombs Away" and "Scandal" and closed out 2022 with the EP title track "Bloodline".

The Texas-raised singer, songwriter, and genre alchemist speaks her mind over a canvas of sparkling alternative, unpredictable rock, and lush pop stitched together with soulfully evocative and powerful vocals. With lyrics rooted in authentic and vulnerable storytelling, Bloodline clearly illustrates Emeryld's limitless artistic progression.
Throughout the project, Emeryld has created artful visuals to provide a dual-sensory experience, inviting you to peek into the depths of her mind firmly putting her world of chaos and theatrics on display.

Emeryld says: "I untethered so much about myself and my patterns through this chunk of time writing. Not writing for anyone to hear or worrying about opinions on the music, but having it be deeply honest and cathartic for me. I found entertainment and interest in the duality of imposter syndrome and performative art. I'm very inspired by alternative 80's and 90's rock & pop, theater, character play, fashion, mental juxtaposition, and nostalgia. There is no rule for what 'goes together' because we are all filled with complexity and I try to find beauty in that."

While the previously released title track "Bloodline" is about poking fun at how a potential suitor's performative actions when trying to be noticed often come across as cringe, embarrassing but nonetheless entertaining, on "Scandal" she dives deeper, examining and questioning a predisposition for toxic relationships over a multi-layered beat and hypnotic guitar, produced by Solomonophonic (Remi Wolf, Dora Jar, etc.). Earlier this year she released the forceful "Bombs Away", accompanied by a timeless music video directed by Andy Madeleine.

Emeryld continues: "I think a lot of our subconscious habits trace back to childhood. It's inherently in our bloodline, how we show up in the world and how we feel when we're alone. The cool thing is we can unweave ourselves from predisposed behavior and become authentic versions of ourselves. Bloodline on the surface is honestly playing the victim and blaming everyone else, and that it's their predisposition. The project later revealed itself to me that below the surface, I was attracting self -fulfilled prophecies due to programmed mentalities I hadn't healed from. This EP helped me heal my inner child wounds and find inner validation. I finally found a home within myself."

With truth and the nuance of human experience projected as loudly as possible in her music and inspired by the likes of Heart, Lady Gaga, and PJ Harvey, that exploration started in earnest at age twelve when she released her first song online and again at fourteen when she performed at SXSW for the first time.

Three years later, she dropped out of high school and moved to Los Angeles, where she embraced her destiny by diving into her passion wholeheartedly. By 2019, she found herself captivating crowds at local hotspots as she released her Young EP highlighted by "Cellophane" and "Hope You're Happy" feat. EARTHGANG. The project has notably racked up 4 million Spotify streams and counting. She maintained her momentum in 2020 with "97 gold infiniti." Of the latter, V Magazine proclaimed, "Emeryld is taking us on an intoxicating ride." On its heels, "Right There" elicited similar enthusiasm with Lyrical Lemonade hailing it as "a 10/10."

After amassing over 10 million streams and counting and garnering acclaim from Billboard, FLAUNT, Lyrical Lemonade, V Magazine, and more, her soul and identity expand on her newest adventure, Bloodline.
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