How much do composers earn in different countries?
Wanting to become a composer, it has always been intriguing to find out what revenue do composers get. Of course, it depends on the projects, the amount of projects, and how adept the composer is, but it also has a lot to do with geolocation.
For composers and music directors in the United States, the 2018 median pay was $49,630 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data also suggested that the employment would show little or no change from 2018 to 2028. The amount of people attending concerts and participating in music events "is expected to remain steady".

Recruiter, however, has projected a very different future. Because the demand for composers and music directors is growing, they expect "an annual increase [in vacancies] of 23.23 percent over the next few years". Although it came as no big surprise that the top three states that had the most composers were New York, Texas, and California, it was surprising to find California being on the third place.

While New York came first, making it the place with the most composers, the state also showed one of the "lowest job openings and growth rates in the recent years", its growth rate amounting to a total of 18.39 percent.

The state that had the fastest job growth rate in the recent years turned out to be Missouri, whose rate was 1,425 percent, and Texas coming second in the list with 1,000 percent.
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For the United Kingdom, PayScale stated that the median composer salary is £28,000.

According to Salary Expert, a beginning composer in India earns about ₹4,39,962 on average in India, and an average salary of an adept composer is ₹7,58,060. The median annual salary amounts to ₹5,97,672.

Although there is not enough information about composer salaries in Singapore, there is information about how much a musician earns in the country. A beginner musician earns an average salary of $52,116(SGD), and an advanced musician earns an average salary of $90,459(SGD). The median annual salary is $71,985(SGD).

For China, Salary Expert estimates that a beginner musician earns an average salary of ¥121,151(CNY), while a senior level musician earns an average salary of ¥210,283(CNY). The median annual salary is ¥166,225(CNY).

What is interesting is McKinsey's 2017 report on automation, which "assesses the number and types of jobs that might be created under different scenarios through 2030 and compares that to the jobs that could be lost to automation". Looking at the employment growth of creatives, it can be seen that China has the highest employment growth of 85 percent, with India coming second with 58 percent. In comparison, the employment growth of the United States is 8 percent.

Overall, the future for composers and musicians alike is expected to be promising. As the demand for content continues to grow, the demand for creatives would increase.
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